What to do the Day before your Wedding

PRACTICAL TIPS for the Bride on her Wedding Day.

  • Eat a BIG breakfast, with substance, proteins are essential for stamina.
  • Remember to arrange in advance with the driver of your wedding car to only wash the wheels and NOT POLISH it. Your dress (and mood) will be spoilt if this gives off when photos are taken at the car.

  • Drink enough water or have sufficient ENERGY drinks available to keep you hydrated especially during your photo session. The moment you dehydrate, you become tired and it will be reflected on your photos.

  • Have a white linen sheet or towel handy during your photo shoot – to keep your dress clean from dirt, you never know when that special photo will be taken and in what position – kneeling or flat on your stomach, etc.

  • It might be a good idea to take a pair of comfortable shoes with you for use during your photo shoot and change them on your way to the chapel or church for very high heels.

  • Consider the possibility to have a photo session before the Ceremony. Its your day, lets make new traditions !! It will help you to be more relaxed for the ceremony. You as a couple can really enjoy each other in front of the camera, without your guests waiting for you. It will also shorten the time between the ceremony and the reception.

  • TIP: Spend some time with the photographer while you are viewing portfolios well in advance to booking him or her – if you do not feel a special connection between you and the photographer, stay clear and search for another photographer. Get a photographer with excellent people skills and who also knows how to identify that special “Kodak moment” !

  • Have a flower bouquet that is as light as a feather 20 – 25 minutes are long and mother earth specializes in gravity.
  • Smile as you walk slowly down the isle – it is your day.
  • Consider making the time on your wedding invitations 15to 30 minutes earlier than the exact time of the start of the ceremony. It has become the rule and not the exception that guests pitch up late.
  • You have been dreaming about this day ever since you were a very little girl, and planned it with The Man in your life, maybe for months !! Please show your love and respect to him by being on time.
  • Most important enjoy every moment of your day and remember to tell your bride / groom that they look lovely and that you love them.

  • Ask friends to take photos of your guests and family while you are away with the photographer, easy informal memories, while they are waiting upon your arrival for the reception.

Enjoy the journey of arranging your BIG DAY – and if small things go wrong on the day, let it be, no one will know, only you!!!! Those little mistakes will be laughing memories in the future.

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